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Get certified to teach online with eTEFL

So, you want to teach English online? Great! Join the revolution, it is a wonderful one. Although, it is not as easy as that.  Have you got the certification you need to actually land a job? In other words- have you been TEFL certified? 

I want to mention that this post is entirely focused on online teaching and not teaching physically in a foreign country. Therefore, all my advice and my recommendation pertains to the online teaching world only. 

What is a TEFL course? 

TEFL is an acronym which stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” and it is, in a nutshell, a course which will train you and more importantly certify you to teach English to foreign people. Think of it like a degree which qualifies you for a certain job. A TEFL course will qualify you to teach English to foreigners. 

Is it a ‘must’ to do a TEFL course? 

Yes. I am going to be honest with you and say that it will be the best thing you do for yourself if you are serious about entering into the online English teaching industry. In the past, it was possible to get by without one as there were companies who would hire you. As of recently the main powerhouse in the E-learning industry, which is China, has clamped down big time with this certification and will only hire people who have one. Simply put, getting this certificate will open many more doors for you. 

You are probably going to go and Google search “TEFL courses” and I can guarantee that once you do, you are going to be pretty overwhelmed with the results. There is a good chance that you will be sucked into a bottomless pit of information and research on all the different options out there, and after a while you will simply close down your computer and give up. 

Don’t do that. 

Don’t get into a place of “action paralysis” where you spend precious, useful time and energy on the wrong things and then get 0 steps closer to your goal of earning an income online. 

Here’s some honest truth 

  • The online industry does not care where and who you got your TEFL certification from. All they want to see is that you have an internationally accredited certificate. The ‘golden certificate' as I like to call it.  
  • Don’t spend your entire savings on an exorbitant course because you’ll still get exactly the same opportunities with a more affordable course under your belt.
  • Don’t go and buy a $5 course on Groupon. You get what you pay for, right? So if you are only willing to pay $5, then you are only going to get $5 worth of education which in all honesty is nothing.  Also, these tremendously cheap courses are likely to not be internationally accredited (In which case, they will be useless) 

In choosing a TEFL course you need to check a few important things:

  • It must be a 120-hour online TEFL course. (This is because most employers, especially those paying good salaries, will expect you to have completed 120 hours of TEFL tuition.) 
  • It must be internationally accredited. 
  • It must have good reviews online. 
  • It must give you a certification upon completion (Digital certification is adequate for online teaching) 
  • It must supply 24/7 support in case of issues or confusion. This is not necessarily a must, but for me it is important to have hands on people to speak to if you are having any struggles or confusion.  
  • Most importantly, it must be affordable and not break your bank account whilst still maintaining quality. 

Excitingly, I have partnered with a company which ticks all of these boxes! I have seen a ton of TEFL courses out there. I even did a poor course myself many years ago, which was really painful and I wanted to find a great option out there for people which was the opposite of that experience. 

I present to you –   eTEFL’s 120-hour online advanced TEFL course. 

This particular course is the most flexible way to get TEFL certified and it is internationally accredited which means it will be accepted by all online ESL companies. It includes information about techniques, methodology, pedagogy, and ideas for creating interesting lessons. You will learn advanced TEFL skills whilst using an awesome, easy to use Interactive online training interface. 

Most thrillingly, the course is entirely digital and can be done everywhere and with any device (yes, you can do it on your smart phone or tablet)  as well as you receive 24/7 support. eTEFL is customer service driven and this is exactly why I think they are a great place to invest your money for this type of education. 

There are 15 modules, all with very relevant material and only one final assessment at the end. This was the selling factor for me! There are no tedious tasks and multiple exams to write. You will receive one test at the end of the course and that’s that, before you know it you are certified! 

It also happens to be incredibly well-priced in comparison to the general market of TEFL courses out there. If you are wanting to teach online, I absolutely recommend you do this course. 

And with a bit of my help, I will get you a 30% discount on the original website price. 

It sells for $126 (subject to exchange rate) and if you use my coupon code: DIGITEACHESL30 when purchasing, you will get it for $90! That is an incredible bargain and an ideal amount of money to spend on something which will bring you a great return on investment (Literally, you will be hired and make this money back in a few classes) 

Head over to eTEFL's 120-hour advanced online TEFL course here . Apply the coupon code DIGITEACHESL30 and enjoy getting one huge step closer to teaching English online!