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My favourite company to teach ESL online - Hujiang.

Becoming an online ESL teacher for Hujiang was the moment I realized how much I enjoyed teaching English online, and more importantly, how this company restored my faith back into the online ESL industry. 

After way too many hours sitting behind my laptop researching companies that hire South Africans, and after several too many unattractive interviews, offers and dead ends, I started to think this online ESL industry was not a place I wanted to be. It seemed dodgy, poorly paid and it looked like teachers weren’t happy nor being looked after. 

I was then lucky enough to come across a fellow South African, who referred me to Hujiang and what a blessing that has been! I am also excited and proud to say I now recruit for them, so if you are interested in hearing more about the company continue reading and if you would like to apply- you can do so with me!  

Hujiang is a massive online ESL company in China. They have over a hundred million users learning off their platform. They are honest, fair and the type of company you’d like to work for, for years. There is certainly no shortage of students, the pay is good and always on time, the classes are one on one and only 25 minutes long and most importantly the teachers are supported amazingly! I would want to give an award to all the technical and teacher support staff for being right there by our side in every emergency. You rock my world. 

I wrote up a review on Hujiang for anyone who is interested in going into the online ESL industry or looking to change companies. At the end of this review, there will be a link for anyone who would like to apply to Hujiang. I can help guide you in your application as well as I can process it myself and get you on board. 

My Hujiang Review

Students: Hitalk  (adult) program is targeted at university students and adults. The English proficiency at this level is quite high. This program is audio only, no video at all. The lessons are 25 minutes long and structured, with all material/lesson plans provided. K-12 (kids program) will be children from ages 4-15, this is taught with video, also 25-minute-long lessons and lessons are provided. 

Rate: For Hitalk Adults - $12-$16 per hour, for K-12 children - $16 to $20. This is paid into a Payoneer account twice a month (which is like Paypal) For Hitalk adults, no-shows are paid 50% of your rate. For K-12 no-shows are 100% paid your rate. (So you don’t lose much if you have absentees) 

Bonuses/Pay rises – Teachers get referral bonuses for successful referral applicants. Teachers who renew contracts after a year get a bonus. At the end of each year, The quality assurance team at Hujiang will monitor your classes and performance, if you have great consecutive scores for three months you can be promoted and if you have full attendance for three months you get a bonus. Training is paid at 60% of your hourly rate. 

Available hours: For Adults, the teaching hours are 9am-10:30 pm (BJT), Monday to Sunday. For Children (K-12) the teaching hours are 6pm-10pm weekdays (BJT) and 10am-10pm weekends (BJT)

Min hour requirements: You must open your schedule for a minimum of ten hours a week. 

Schedule flexibility: You submit the hours you want and so it is very flexible. You must submit 3 weeks in advance. You are able to change slots (If a student hasn’t booked you) 

Platform/Materials: Platform is great and works smoothly. They use a platform called CCtalk and all classes are on this (Not having to change between QQ and Skype etc) The platform supplies you with your bookings as well as all the material. You enter into a virtual classroom, upload your lesson and start teaching. Easy! The material is good, you can add your own techniques and it is open to interpretation. They are also constantly innovating and creating more courses and material to teach their students. 

Prep time: At the beginning, you may need to prep beforehand. Once you get the swing of it, I would say just read through the lesson and make notes of things. It can be a few minutes of prep when you get comfortable with how lessons flow. Hitalk would require a bit more prep, as it is more advanced sometimes. 

Location of students: All in China. 

Qualification/Nationality requirements. For the K-12 program, you have to be from the USA/CAN/UK/AUS/NZ/IRE. 

For the Hitalk adult program, you can be a native English speaker (South Africans can apply for the Hitalk program)  

Other requirements needed: 

1. You need a Windows/ Mac operating system

2. You need to have a Bachelors degree OR a diploma as well as a teaching certification (TEFL/TESOL or CELTA) 

3.  A noise-cancelling headset is required.

4. Stable internet (both upload and download speed need to be a minimum of 10 mbs) Anything less will not be accepted.

5. Able to teach a minimum of 10 hours per week (there is no maximum).

6. White background with no clutter etc. 

7. ESL teaching experience preferred

Pros : Flexibility with schedule, a very supportive technical staff and teacher support staff, great booking rates (80%-100% booked schedule), 25 minute length lessons are perfect to keep the student engaged, one on one lessons which I prefer to groups, good lesson material and little prep time, only one great platform to work on, decent pay that is always on time and incentives to earn more and of course the great students! 

Cons: I don’t have many but some may say that you cannot see student’s comments/ appraisals if you have done a good job. Sometimes you are unsure of how you are rated as there is no system for the student to rate you as a teacher publicly. Some would say a three-week submission of your schedule is a con, but because it is able to be changed I feel it is fine. There are cancellation policies, but nothing unfair. It is to maintain teachers’ commitment to classes. 

Hiring process: Apply via email your self-introduction video and CV, Skype interview, demo lesson, self-access training, live orientation training, and lastly start teaching. It takes roughly 15 days – this is also dependent on your availability and how quickly you can complete the self-training etc. I would say my process took 3 weeks since I sent the application email. 

Teacher/Company relations: The teacher/company relations are fantastic if you respect their rules and do your job properly. I have had no issues with them and have felt supported through technical issues I have experienced. They do not hassle you at all, and if you show up on time and give a good lesson you will have no problem. There is 24/hour staff to help with any issues. If you are reliable and put the effort in, you will have a great experience. 

I am a huge supporter of Hujiang and I love helping awesome potential teachers get great jobs there. If you would like to ask any questions, you are welcome to pop me an email at [email protected] I am here to support and guide you with your application. I remember how much I would've appreciated that, so here I am to help! 

Click here to start the application process to become a teacher for Huijang. I so look forward to receiving your applications!